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Learn ballroom dancing with Bronwyn Molloy Dance Centre

This year Bronwyn Molloy celebrates 50 years of teaching social and competitive dancing. During this time she has been privileged to share the art of dancing with students of all levels from absolute beginner to advanced levels.


As a dance teacher, Bronwyn finds the greatest reward in seeing the success of her students, helping them to achieve their goals whilst enjoying a pastime that offers physical fitness, personal growth and social skills.


Bronwyn is a fully qualified and accredited coach, a registered State and National adjudicator with Danceport Australia and she maintains active involvement in the Australian ballroom dancing community.


Dance classes are available for ages 8 to 80-something, in the styles of Modern Ballroom, Latin, New Vogue, Salsa and Line Dancing. Whether you're a social, solo dancer or preparing for competitive dancesport these classes are available as group or private lessons.


We can help you prepare for events such as Debutantes, Graduations, Formals, Weddings or other social occasions. For your Wedding, Bronwyn can choreograph a special dance to your own music, to create a more 'Magical" moment on your wedding day. 


Even if you're not preparing for a 'big event', dancing in our social dance classes can be a great experience, opening up many doors of opportunity, whilst adding confidence and enriching your life.


Bronwyn has Blue Card Certification and has been working for many years in Gympie schools. She conducts dance and social etiquette classes culminating with an evening Graduation Dance for students, attended by their families who always enjoy the music and display. Bronwyn is also employed as a specialist teacher working with Physical Education Departments to help Grade 11 and 12 students achieve a higher standard within their dance programme.


Bronwyn specialises in competitive dancesport coaching in all competitive styles: Standard, Latin American and New Vouge. The studio team competes at least once a month at the many competitions listed on the Australian Dancesport Calendar. With decades of experience in the competitive arena, Bronwyn can provide you with the excellent coaching required to ensure you reach your potential. 


Children classes are by appointment only. These classes are especially important in helping children with their coordination and movement as they also learn good social manners and respect for each other. The dances and patterns in these classes are easy and are enjoyable to all the latest music. The value of these classes are also attainable to any household budget. Add HAPPINESS to your LIFE, KEEP ON DANCING.

Bronwyn Molloy, professional dance teacher.
You too could glide across the dance floor.
Learn ballroom dancing with Bronwyn Molloy Dance Centre
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